Strategic focus

For the federal state of Lower Saxony, mobility is one of the central issues of the future. The automotive industry is of outstanding importance for growth and employment in Lower Saxony. Thus, automobile production is an important employment driver in Lower Saxony. Indirectly connected with the automobile industry are not only mechanical engineering but also essential areas of the metalworking industry, the rubber and plastics processing industry and important parts of the chemical industry.

Currently, the automotive industry and the mobility industry are facing enormous challenges. Developments in the field of electromobility, digitalisation, autonomous driving and car sharing models will fundamentally influence value chains that have been tried and tested to date and recognised employment volumes. In addition to maintaining and expanding the transport infrastructure, the companies and service providers operating in this sector will have to face this disruptive structural change and the associated challenges in order to secure their future competitiveness.


An important goal of the Automotive Agentur Niedersachsen is the support of existing networks and clusters in Lower Saxony. Its tasks also include the coordination and design of measures and activities with other important partners and operators in Northern Germany. This includes in particular representatives of state politics in Bremen and Hamburg as well as companies and associations in Northern Germany. The agency assumes a “hinge function” between these operators.

In addition, the agency takes on tasks that result from the process of the Strategic Dialogue with the Automotive Industry in Lower Saxony and is implemented operationally here. In addition, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitisation is supported in initiating projects to increase supra-regional visibility and in settlement, foreign trade and location marketing activities for the mobility industry.